We are a clan on Modern Warfare 2
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We are now setting up a 2 versus 2 tourney. If you would like to be in it, find a partner, and make a post in the forums, under Modern Warfare 2 -> 2 versus 2 tourney.
I started this clan about 3 years ago with wounded_papa, woundedb_dub, and I. I was tired of the kill to death ratio that the other clans were looking for. I just wanted a group of guys that were fun to play with so we started WND. we have no k/d, we just have fun. The only rules we have are as follows 1. we all ways wear our tag with pride 2. members must be 16 or older unless voted in by the clan majority rules same goes with any one that wants to join the clan 3. we don't trash talk other players unless they trash talk us and if we have a problem with a teammate we work it out in a private room. 4. any one getting kicked from the clan must be voted out by the clan . clan leader has final say. I hope that every one has fun and respect for each other YOUR CLAN LEADER AND FRIEND - WOUNDEDMADMAN


 Fantasy Baseball League

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PostSubject: Fantasy Baseball League   Fantasy Baseball League EmptyThu Feb 11, 2010 5:18 pm

anyone want to join my fantasy baseball league on yahoo? if so just send me a private message with your yahoo email, so i can invite you.

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Fantasy Baseball League
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